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You may become aware of the value ofhealth insurance plans or medical insurance after one minor mishap or unanticipated illness. Do you want to hold off, though? Or protect your health through financial stability? It is crucial to be financially prepared to handle the cost of unexpected hospital bills or surgery. Simply having a plan is insufficient; you also need to execute this contract with the right insurer. Only the top health insurance providers will provide comprehensive medical coverage, including hospital stays, doctor visits, surgery costs, medication costs, nursing allowances, rent for hospital rooms, cashless treatments, maternity plans, etc. The term “good health” refers to a state of total mental, bodily, and social well-being, not just the absence of disease.

When living a healthy lifestyle, health insurance coverage is achievable. However, if one of your loved ones contracts a disease, they may not be eligible for complete health insurance coverage. It might be challenging to anticipate or prevent some medical catastrophes. But based on the requirements of our customers, we may accommodate them with a range of health insurance policies. The majority of health insurance plans in India offer most medical or surgical procedures to restore good health as well as cover medical expenses that result from accidents, sickness, or both. In summary, health insurance plans provide quality care, reduce concerns, provide prompt intervention for individuals in need, and let them concentrate more on healing.

Benefits of Health Insurance Plans

Before buying a policy, you should consider the following list of health insurance plansbenefits.

Hospitalization Expenses

The fact that hospitalization costs are covered by health insurance policiesis one of their most important advantages. The following are some of the elements of hospitalization-related issues that health insurance policies cover:

  1. Accidental Hospitalization – Any expenses incurred while receiving medical attention in the course of an accident-related hospitalization are covered by health insurance plans. Additionally, Digit offers a 25% additional sum insured for unintentional hospitalization.
  • Illness-Related Hospitalization – Insurance policies pay for expenses incurred when receiving hospital care for any sickness. You should be aware that the list of diseases covered can be broad and diverse, and may include Dengue, Chikungunya, and other diseases. Additionally, Digit Insurance offers a 25% additional insured sum that can be used to pay for hospitalization costs incurred when receiving treatment for serious illnesses, helping you to reduce your financial exposure in such situations.
  • ICU Room Rent – ICU rooms, as their name suggests, are for patients who require specialized care. As a result, ICU room rent is considerably more expensive than that of ordinary rooms. Health insurance policies cover the costs of both ICU and regular rooms.

 Pre and Post-Hospitalization Costs

It’s not always essential to be hospitalized in order to incur significant medical costs. Diagnostic test costs prior to admission as well as post-acute care follow-up charges may also be fairly high. Such expenses can also be helped by health insurance plans. With Digit insurance, you can select a lump sum payout following your hospitalization, enabling you to pay for all of your expenses without having to provide any receipts. You can also choose the standard benefits, which will pay for all of your expenses following hospitalization.

Procedures for Daycare Cost

Even though some medical procedures to treat ailments may not require hospitalization, they still come with a hefty price tag. Does the health insurance coverage then provide any benefit? I guess not always. However, if you have Digit health insurance, you can get coverage for these daycare costs. Due to advancements in the medical industry, this also includes the medical costs you accrue while staying in a hospital for fewer than 24 hours.

Refill Sum Insured Amount

If the initial sum insured has been used up, this feature of health insurance policies enables you to reload your sum insured amount. Only unrelated illnesses are eligible for the refill sum insured benefit. If you have family floater insurance and your complete family is covered under a single policy, this advantage is extremely useful.

Hospital Cash Benefit will help you with your daily expenses.

If you are hospitalized, you can lose your employment for a few days. In this case, you can be in a tight financial situation and be reluctant to spend money on your basic needs. However, you can simply get out of this predicament if your health insurance policy provides you with a daily financial allowance. With this sum, which has no usage restrictions, you can cover your daily expenses for things like tea and snacks for as long as 30 days of hospitalization.

Get Ambulance Cover and Have Your Transport Costs Reimbursed

Ambulance fees can be rather expensive, especially if you live in a major city. For instance, in Bangalore, the cost of transportation from outside the city can be as high as Rs. 5,000. Therefore, having a health insurance plan in place might help you pay for the expenses associated with being transported by ambulance.

Receive a higher insurance amount as a no-claims bonus.

What occurs to the insurance premiums if you have healthcare coverage but do not submit a claim during in the policy period? Insurance companies extend the benefit of a No Claim Bonus by increasing the amount of coverage for the same amount paid for the next year. The No Claim Bonus may be worth 10% to 20%. One of the most practical advantages of having health insurance is this.

Get Cover for Bariatric Surgery

Even though not all insurance companies offer this benefit, we should still consider it to be a valuable perk to have on our side. In any situation, bariatric surgery to address obesity and its repercussions can save a person’s life. The expense of such bariatric procedures to address concerns brought on by obesity is covered by insurance coverage under Digit.

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