All You Need to Know About 2 Wheeler Loan Finance

There has many demand of two wheeler vehicle. Because everyone wanted two wheeler, because two wheeler vehicle makes life’s easy for every individual. You can use two wheeler, if you are going to purchase grocery, than if you are going to pick and service to your children’s from schools, or you can pick your family and go somewhere for trip on two wheeler.

There are many benefits of having two wheeler. And there are many advantaged of two wheelers. You can manage in the traffic as compare to car, you can easily pass from traffic on two wheelers, because there is few space in traffic than two wheelers easily cross from it.

The two wheeler gives the best mileage in oil and fuel. The two wheeler is decrease your expenses by giving you best mileage, for instance you go for long trip on four vehicle then your expense on the four vehicle is around five thousand, but if you go on the two wheeler for the trip the expense on two wheeler is around one thousand, because of giving good mileage as compare to for wheelers.

The best thing for two is wheeler is the two wheeler vehicle takes less amount on maintenances. You can go to the two wheeler vehicle mechanics in after there, or four months, and then after maintenance from the mechanic then amount the mechanic charge is very low, because the two wheeler takes less maintenance and affordable.

Whenever you are going to sell the two wheeler you cannot get the heavy loss on selling two wheeler, because there is resale of two wheeler. And you can easy to park the two wheeler anywhere, you do not need to rent out extra space for the two wheeler.

Some people are afford to purchase two wheelers, some people are not, those who are not affording, they are going to financing the loan. There are many ways to finance a loan, because the banks are going to finance a loan, and individual is also giving the loan to the people. But they charge interest according there wish, means they also charge much interest rate on financing a loan.

By financing the two wheeler there is an easy way and to procedure, eligibility, documents of having two wheeler finance.

  • Eligibility

On the law there is decided the criteria of become the owner of the two wheeler. There is age criteria decided by the government that is above 18 years. No one can purchase or run the two wheeler, where are under the age of 18 years. If the under 18 year peoples are run the two wheeler than they paid heavy challan, and the two wheeler are in the custody to government police. And only those who purchase the two wheeler who has job, because the employee are above the 18 year, and they earn salary each month, and the one who run their own business. But the one who do job and the one who run their own business, they should have at least one year employment and the business man has one year experience.

  • Documentation

When you are going to purchase the two wheeler on loan financing, you need some documentation that represent you that you are not fake or you are not one made frauds.

The main thing they asked the identity proof means your national identity card, that is mandatory, because if you do not have national identity card than you are not able to purchase the two wheeler. Then you need to show your address proof, they can do cross checking that the address you provide of your home is existing or not.

The main thing when you are going to purchase the two wheeler, is from where you get the money. Are you tax pare or not. They wanted a proof of the money, that this money is your or you finance a loan from somewhere. And they check the KYC valid documents. And after all the things then you need to have your passport size photos. Because on every paper on every application that belong to two wheeler, they put the passport size photo on them, then everything are on your name, and you’re your photos also on them.

  • Procedure

In case or in order to apply the two wheeler finance loan. They check the market value of the two wheeler. And also they tell you terms and conditions that decided different bank to finance the loan. The person should meet the criteria of finance the loan of two wheeler. And they have all the required documents that need to finance the loan, there should be no missing of documents. Also they find those banks or gives scheme of low interest.

Then they apply for loan, then you pay the down payment, on behalf of the down payment their installments are made. The installment t should be complete in between the 12 month to 48 months. And these are set by the bank institution those who provide the loan of two wheeler. And they are going to increase the demand of the two wheeler, because they may made easy procedure to purchase the two wheeler on finance the loan for two wheeler. Then the banks and the one who purchase two wheeler are setting the terms and conditions of giving back the loan that you take for two wheeler.

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