Scholarships for Children of Military Veterans

AFAS General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program

Also known as the Hap Arnold Grant, the AFAS General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program is designed for Air Force dependents, including children and spouses. The awards range between $500 to $4,000. It’s a very competitive grant, and its based on need-based criteria, family income, and education costs.

Applications for the following school year open around mid-January and are due by April 30th in 2022.

American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship Program

There are several awards under the American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship Program for students, including parents and their children. Applications are due by March 1st for each. They include:

Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship

This scholarship is to recognize the sacrifices children made when their parent was serving. There are a total of 15 awards, each for $5,000, with three dedicated to each geographic division.

ALA Girls Nation Program Scholarships

Part of the Spirit of Youth Scholarship Fund, the ALA Girls Nation Program Scholarship has three awards: $5,000, $3,000, and $2,500. Students need to be a part of ALA programs, and win by being voted in by their peers.

Honorary National Junior Division Vice President

Another award under the Spirit of Youth Scholarship Fund, this award is for $2,000. It requires that recipients be an attendee of ALA National Junior Meetings.

Spirit of Youth Scholarship for Junior Members

Awarding $5,000, students who apply for this scholarship must have been a member of the ALA for the last three years, be a current member, and stay a member for the next four years.

Non-Traditional Student Scholarship

For students who are interested in attending a technical or trade program, or heading back to college, the Non-Traditional Student Scholarship is a good choice. There are $2,000 awards for each of the geographic divisions.

Junior Member Loyalty Scholarship

If you’re a Junior member of the ALA, have been for three years, and are continuing your membership, you can qualify for this award. It grants $2,500 to 10 students per division. Those who apply or win should not be planning to take a break in education, and must have at least a 3.0 GPA.

Massachusetts Statewide Financial Assistance Programs National Guard Education Assistance Program

If you’re a Massachusetts National Guard soldier attending a university, community college, or state college, you could qualify for a 100% tuition and fee waiver under the National Guard Education Assistance Program. The state also offers tuition waiver assistance for veterans and active service members through the Categorical Tuition Waiver.

Do you qualify for any of these scholarships? If you’re struggling to find scholarships you apply for, either as a military veteran, active military member, or a child or dependent of a military member or veteran, you can absolutely use scholarship databases to identify those you meet the criteria for. You can also use our scholarship search tool to find more.

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