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The auto insurance in Texas is for all the vehicles that are registered (by the Texas Transportation Department) except the trailers and semi-trailers. Auto insurance in Texas is to compensate for all your financial expenses. SGA Financial Inc is an exclusive insurance company that is working impartially to save your financial damages.

What is Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance refers to the compensation that is mainly provided when your car gets into an accident. Auto insurance is deemed as the most crucial element to go for while driving a car on the busy streets of Texas. It is a sort of financial protection. It mainly makes up the cost of loss to your car. Based on certain circumstances, it sometimes also handle the medical bills.

Why do you need Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance has become the basic need of today’s contemporary era. In most of the states, it is also a sort of compulsion to have auto insurance. It helps you in paying the money for your car’s damage, medical bill, or even legal fees. It is prioritized because it saves your costs of repair. It is also one of the legal requirements. However, you can avoid it, if you have deposited at least $55,000 in cash or some securities to the controller in Texas or a county judge’s cashier.

Why is Auto Insurance a requisite in Texas, U.S?

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States. Auto Insurance has become a necessity in Texas due to its terrible roads and highways. In proposition to  the researchers, the road conditions of Texas is disastrous. Moreover, Texas is ranked as the 17th worst state in the United States by Consumer news. It was recorded that the number of fatalities due to car accidents has widely increased.

As per the survey of 2019 conducted by the Federal Highway Administration, only 22% of the roads of Texas are in good condition, whereas 11% of them are in an awkward condition. It is also notified that Texas is disregarding its road repairs and constructions. It is estimated according to the current scenario that about 5000 new residents are added to the population of Texas per day. This in turn increases the stress on their roads and disrupts the traffic.

According to  National Highway Administration, there exists a car accident in Texas almost every 71 seconds. It seems that an average of 11 people die due to car crashes. In short, SGA is the best auto insurance in Texas that saves you hundreds and thousands of your dollars.

How is Auto insurance beneficial in Texas?

Auto insurance Texas is beneficial in monotonous ways by the Motor Vehicle Act. Some of the benefits are listed below:

Provides Personal accident cover:

The advantage of auto insurance is that it offers personal accident cover. This cover protects against the total disability or death due to it. In addition, this cover can be claimed on all the passenger seats of the vehicle. It is taken according to the auto insurance policy in Texas.

Recovers financial damage or loss:

You can recover the financial loss of your vehicle if it gets an accident, is burnt, or is self-ignited. The auto insurance Texas is exclusively advantageous in covering all your financial damages even if someone has stolen your car.  

Pays the liabilities of the third party:

Auto insurance in Texas is efficient in paying the liabilities of the third party. It covers all the loss be caused by the damage of the third party’s property. 

What are the factors required while selecting Auto insurance in Texas?

The major factors that are to be considered and kept in mind while the selection of Texas auto insurance is:

Customer support:

The company must be able to provide you with reputed, trained, and experienced persons. It is important to assist you and to resolve all your ambiguities. Furthermore, it ensures that all the queries are sought out effectively. Customer support abets you with the complete satisfaction of your mind. It will assure you that all your financial losses will be covered.

Speedy and stress-free process:

You should opt automobile company that can undergo lengthy and hectic procedures swiftly. It must be convenient, accessible, and impeccable to fulfill the tasks as per your whim.

Types of Auto insurance coverage in Texas:

The requirement of taxes is directly analogous to the type of auto insurance coverage. All the coverages given below are subject to certain limits.

Type of coverage:Requirement of Taxes:
Liability of body injury$30,000 for a single person or $60,000 for a single accident
Liability of property damage$25,000
Liability of personal injuryNot required
Collision coverageAs per the amount required for repairing or replacing a car.
Comprehensive coveragePayment is according to the damage caused by the fire, theft, flood, etc.
Uninsured or Underinsured motorist coverageNot required

Cheapest Auto insurance in Texas:

 SGA Financial Inc is regarded as the cheap auto insurance Texas.  Many of you are searching for the cheapest auto insurance in Texas. The main factor behind it is that auto insurance is quite unaffordable for people. The cheapest auto insurance in Texas normally meets the few requirements of insurance liability coverage. Several companies are trying to provide cheaper rates for auto insurance. Some of them are as follows:

CompanyPer YearPer Month
SGA Financial Inc  
The General$2,781$232
State Farm$924$77

At-fault accident drivers:

These drivers have done the accidents based on their fault. As per the survey, the average cost of cheap auto insurance in Texas on an at-fault accident is about $1,988 per year.

Good and bad credit drivers in Texas:

The good credit drivers mainly pay less than the bad credit drivers. The former pays about $1,316, whereas the latter pays about $2,360 per year.

Drivers with the Speeding tickets:

These drivers are normally distracted, drivers. The average rate of auto insurance for speeding tickets raises to $1,451, whereas a driver with a clean record has to pay about $1,316.

Veterans and Military drivers:

IN accordance to the Workforce Investment Council Texas has more than 53,000 Guardsmen, more than 100,000 active and vigilant workers. The number of veterans in Texas is more than 1,400,000. They both are usually charged competitive rates for auto insurance in Texas.

Senior drivers in Texas:

The average annual rate for the seniors (of age 65) is a little bit different due to their exorbitant fatal car crashes in Texas i.e. 9.9%. Based on this ratio, their insurance per year costs $1,455. It is estimated that senior drivers regularly apply for their license renewal. They also pay high rates for their auto insurance in Texas as compared to others.

Young drivers in Texas:

The insurance companies in Texas, unfortunately, charge the young drivers more. It is because they are minors (under 18) and are inexperienced drivers. They have to pay an average of $3,509 per year. On the other hand, the middle-aged young person pays an average of $1,197 per year.

In short, if you want to save your money and additional expenses, then try to find the cheap auto insurance quote in Texas. You must make sure to have the minimum liabilities of auto insurance. But you should not select an auto insurance company only based on its cheap rate because the best insurers manage both customer service and affordability rates.

Minimum requirements of the Auto insurance in Texas:

Mostly the drivers in Texas are liable to post a $55,000 bond. The compulsory limits of liability insurance coverage following the Department of Insurance in Texas are:

Charging rateType of coverage
$25,000Property damage in an accident
$30,000To each injured person
$60,000For the injuries in an accident

Note: All the charging rates mentioned above are the minimum rates. These rates can be increased depending upon the cost of the vehicle you are using.

Auto insurance for the high-risk program in Texas:

This program of high-risk auto insurance in Texas has certain requirements or eligibility criteria i.e.

  • The candidate must have a valid driving license.
  • The applicant must be a resident of Texas.
  • His vehicle must be registered in Texas.
  • The candidate has to provide a certificate from two or more auto insurance companies. This certificate should prove that the company has denied the coverage of his insurance within the past two months (60 days).

Auto insurance’s alternative in Texas:

The legal drive is allowed without auto insurance under Texas law by showing the financial liability proof. Some of the major alternatives approved by the Texas Transportation Code are:

  • Surety bond by the Texas Department.
  • 55,000$ cash payment
  • Securities submitted to the state comptroller.
  • Cashier’s check was submitted to the county judge.

Furthermore, a person who is opting or claiming an alternative must have a submission certificate of cash payment, securities, cashier’s check, or surety bond rather than an insurance card.

Proof of Auto insurance in Texas:

It is a compulsion on the drivers to showcase the proof of their insurance or some other alternative document. The drivers have to show the proof in the following circumstances:

  • If you are indulged in an accident.
  • If you are asked by the police officer.
  • If you are going to apply or renew your driving license.
  • If you are going to renew or register your vehicle.

The auto insurance companies in Texas must have to share the insurance cards with the policyholders or the alternatives with the certificates.

 What are the consequences you will have to face without Auto insurance in Texas?

If you are driving without any auto insurance then you are committing an illegal act or offense. The drivers found without auto insurance have to face the following consequences:

Offense numberPunishment/Penalty
1st offense$175 to $350 fine
2nd offense$350 to $1000 fine + suspension of the driving license for 2 years + seizure of the vehicle.
Not having a license while drivingAbout $2000 fine

Texas has launched a new system i.e. TexasSure. This is a database system that recognizes the individuals that do not have auto insurance coverage.

How to have cheap Auto insurance quotes in Texas?

The best way to find a cheap auto insurance quote in Texas is to contact multiple service providers.

  • Always try to have the same limitsfrom all the insurers while getting a quote from them.
  • Make sure to surf through the internet for the cheapest auto insurance companies.
  • To have easier access to know the comparison of the cheap quotes, use the insurance estimate calculators available online.

Frequently asked questions FAQs regarding the Auto Insurance in Texas:

Many queries and ambiguities might be pressing your mind. These frequently asked questions are given below:

What is the minimum coverage of auto insurance in Texas?

The minimum coverage of auto insurance is $30,000 for each injured person, $60,000 for a single accident, and $25000 for property damage in an accident.

How can you have lower or cheap rates of Auto insurance in Texas?

You can easily have lower rates if you are driving legally without any violations or if you are a good credit driver.

What is the average and cheapest rate of Auto insurance in Texas?

The average rate of Auto insurance in Texas is recorded as $1,316 per year and $110 per month, whereas the cheapest rate is about $1,094 per year and $450 per month approximately.

What’s the average cost that people spend on Auto insurance per year?

People are spending money based on the coverage type and significance i.e.

Minimum coverage = $666 per year

Full coverage = $1,872 per year

The coverage rates may vary throughout the State apart from the city, Texas.


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