22 Valentine’s Day Breakfast, Dinner and Dessert Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

22 Valentine’s Day Breakfast, Dinner and Dessert Ideas the Whole Family Will Love


If you have kids and live with your significant other you may be squinting your eyes at Valentine’s Day this year…not sure what to make of it. In most parts of the world, a romantic dinner out is going to be difficult, or really cold, or just plain risky. So that leaves you home with the kiddos—again. Welcome to Valentine’s Day 2024.

Since barricading the children in their rooms is frowned on by parenting experts, you may as well figure out how to rope them into the holiday, and get a little cooking help while you’re at it. Have them assist you in the making of your Valentine’s Day breakfast, dinner, dessert, plus anything sweet you plan on baking for the occasion. They can also take part in the planning of the V-Day menu, the serving of the meal and if you’re luck, the washing of the dishes. Nothing says “I love you” more than a clean kitchen.

Keep in mind that cooking with kids is a bit of an adventure. Allow for experimentation, know it will get messy and enlist their help when it comes time for clean-up. This might not be the most romantic Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had, but maybe it will be the most delicious, thanks to these 22 family-style Valentine’s Day recipes.

There’s everything from yummy Stuffed Crepes and Biscuit Egg Sandwiches for breakfast, to Fettuccine Alfredo, Lobster Tails and Chicken Paprikash for dinner. Then there’s Pretty in Pink Valentine’s Day Cookies and Old-Fashioned Fudge to end the night on a sweet note. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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