Canvas is a web-based software that allows Arizona State University to manage digital learning, educators to create and present online learning materials and assess student learning, and students to engage in courses and receive feedback about skill development and learning achievement.

ASU Canvas Login at

The Canvas LMS provides an intuitive design, modern interface, and enhanced communication tools that will strengthen the institution’s ability to deliver engaging, high-quality learning experiences for ASU students.

Canvas Learning Management System is one of the amazing learning resources of the institution and the students can access it frequently throughout their courses to:

  • Submit assignments.
  • Access learning resources including reading lists and course work.
  • Access your timetable.
  • Participate in learning activities.
  • Communicate with other students and lecturers.
  • Receive feedback and marks.

To use ASU Canvas, you will need:

  • Valid ASU ID and Login Credentials
  • Computer or Smartphone with Internet Access Capability
  • Email invitation from your instructor.

Canvas ASU Student Login

To login to your Canvas account as a student, ASU will email your login information. If you have used your institution Canvas before you will most likely already have a Canvas account and need to only accept a course invitation to log in.

To login to your Canvas dashboard:

1. Type in the ASU URL, on a browser. Your login page will appear in the window.


2. Enter either your student email address.

3. Enter your Password: this should be your registration number if you haven’t changed your password.

4. Click on “Log in”. You will be taken to your dashboard

Canvas ASU Student App

You can login to ASU Canvas with the Canvas Student app. It is available in Google Play Store for Android devices and in App Store for iOS users.

This QR code feature simplifies the login process by eliminating the need to enter your school URL or login credentials manually.

Logging with the app and QR Code:

These are the steps you can use to login into the App or login with your QR Code:

  1. Open the Canvas App:
    • Download and open the Canvas app on your mobile device.
    • Enter the ASU Canvas URL or search for “Arizona State University” using the search bar.
  2. Log In:
    • Tap the login button.
    • Enter your ASU email address.
    • Enter your password (default is your registration number if you haven’t changed it).
  3. Access Your Dashboard:
    • Tap on “Log in”.
    • You will be taken to your dashboard on the app, where you can view your courses and materials.

Logging in with QR Code:

  1. Access QR Code Login:
    • Tap the “Account” link in the Canvas app.
    • Tap the “QR Code for Mobile Login” link.
    • Tap the “Proceed” button.
  2. Scan QR Code:
    • Follow the instructions to scan the QR code provided by your institution to log in.

How to Find Your QR Code

You can scan the QR code from the login page of your Student app from an Android device or an iOS device. Make sure you use the QR codes on time as it expires 10 minutes after they are generated

To view your QR code:

1. Sign in to your Canvas account and Tap on the Account:

2. Tap on “QR code for Mobile”.

3. Tap on the Proceed button. Your code will display.

Note: If you cannot view QR codes, it means ASU has not enabled this feature.

ASU Canvas Password Reset

In case you cannot log in into your Canvas account, maybe you have forgotten your password or your password needs changing. You can use the ASU online Forgotten password tool while you must also supply the personal email address you have recorded via your enrolment.

To recover your password:

1. Go to the Canvas ASU login page and click on the Login button.

2. Click on the “Forgot password” link below.

3. Enter your email account, the email you used for your registration.

4.  Click on send reset link or code.

5. Check your personal email account, as you will receive ASU Account Support Request email from IT Support.

6. Open the email, follow the link, enter your new password and submit.

You can now log in with your new password.

To avoid issues logging in when you reset your password, you must ensure your password is changed on all devices that are connected to the ASU services.

For any reason, you need help and advice on any of ASU’s IT systems, contact the IT Service Desk.

Why You Don’t Have Access to Your Courses

You can’t sign in to your courses on the Canvas site if your teacher has not allowed students to access them. See reasons below:

  1. Teacher Permission:
    • You cannot sign in to your courses on the Canvas site if your teacher has not enabled student access. Ensure your teacher has allowed access before attempting to log in.
  2. Viewing Published Courses:
    • Newly published courses will not appear on your dashboard until your teacher has permitted access. Check with your teacher regarding when the course will be accessible.
  3. First-Day Access:
    • Although all course materials and resources are uploaded to the course on the first day, students may not have access to everything immediately. Teachers control when specific materials and resources become available.
  4. Canvas Modules and Flow Control:
    • ASU Canvas requirements and prerequisites, including other Canvas Modules, allow staff to manage the progression of students through the course. This ensures that students complete necessary prerequisites before advancing to subsequent modules.

ASU Library

The ASU Gives a comfortable, flexible study environment and offers a number of excellent learning resources, collections of information sources, and access to experts’ help, advice, and recommendations.

Students can sign in to their Library Account online to renew any books they have borrowed (online), check the details of any books they have borrowed over the last couple of months, or check the status of any book reservations they have made.

To login the library you can:

  • Log in using your ASU username and password.
  • Log in using your ID card number and library PIN.

ASU Email

To log into your email:

1. First, Go to the  ASU student portal.

2. Click on Email and enter your credentials.

3. Once you log in, click on “My email”.

4. Click on the Student id tab and type your Student ID number.

5. In the Password box enter your current network password.



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