The Government of Canada’s announcement regarding the new pathway to permanent residency for over 90,000 essential temporary workers and international graduates is a significant step towards achieving its immigration goals and supporting Canada’s economy and workforce.

Canada Permanent Residency Program for Essential Workers and International graduates

Here are some key points about this announcement:

  1. Pathway to Permanent Residency: The new pathway provides an opportunity for essential temporary workers and international graduates in Canada to obtain permanent residency status. This initiative recognizes the contributions of these individuals to Canada’s economy and society and offers them a pathway to establish permanent roots in the country.
  2. Scope of the Program: The program is open to essential workers and international graduates from across the globe. This inclusive approach reflects Canada’s commitment to diversity and attracting talent from around the world to contribute to its growth and development.
  3. Immigration Levels Plan: The announcement is aligned with Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan for 2024, which aims to welcome 401,000 new permanent residents. By offering a pathway to permanent residency for essential workers and international graduates, Canada can meet its immigration targets while addressing labor market needs and promoting economic growth.
  4. Job Creation and Economic Growth: Skilled newcomers and international graduates play a crucial role in driving innovation, filling labor shortages, and creating jobs in Canada. By facilitating their transition to permanent residency, Canada can harness their talents and contributions to support long-term economic growth and prosperity.


  • Must have completed an eligible Canadian post-secondary program within the last 4 years.
  • The post-secondary program must be recognized and approved by the Canadian government as meeting the eligibility criteria.
  • International graduates are individuals who have obtained their education in Canada and have the skills and qualifications needed to contribute to the Canadian workforce.

Canada Permanent Residency Program | Application Streams

The announcement from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) outlines the details of the application process for the new pathway to permanent residency under three distinct streams:

  1. Temporary Workers in Health Care: IRCC will accept up to 20,000 applications from temporary workers employed in health care professions. These individuals have contributed significantly to Canada’s healthcare system and are recognized for their essential role, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Temporary Workers in Other Selected Essential Occupations: IRCC will accept up to 30,000 applications from temporary workers in other selected essential occupations beyond healthcare. These essential workers have played a crucial role in various sectors of the Canadian economy and society during the pandemic.
  3. International Students Graduated from Canadian Institutions: IRCC will accept up to 40,000 applications from international students who have graduated from Canadian post-secondary institutions. These individuals have completed their education in Canada and are poised to contribute their skills and talents to the Canadian workforce and society.

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