Canvas by Instructure is the University of North Texas Learning Management System (LMS). The Canvas offers excellent features and opportunities letting the school create engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students, faculty, and staff who have UTA email addresses.

Canvas UNT Login Help For Students

myUNT is UNT’s online student portal for all the information and services students need to help access their studies at UNT. Single login to most sections of the portal and a straightforward user interface will simplify your interaction with the University’s different systems and records.


Canvas UNT Uses for Students

The Canvas LMS helps students stay updated with their courses anywhere they go. It connects teachers and students for better collaboration and is used to monitor grades, and manage active enrollments and assignment submissions online.

The LMS contains your profile, Calendar, To-Do items, Notifications, and Messages, as well as functionality to access a course.


The Canvas Student app is actually the mobile version of the Canvas and interestingly you can download it on your Android and iOS devices on Google Play Store and App Store.


Canvas UNT Student Login

1. Use a web browser and open your Canvas URL.

2. You can locate your Canvas URL on the Course invitation message sent to your email box.


3. Click the “Get Started” button.

5. You can search for your school using this link,

6. When your school appears, click the name to be directed to your school’s Canvas login page.

7. Enter your username and password

8. then, tap the Login button.

You can also use your myUNT account to access Canvas LMS:

How to Login myUNT

Students can sign in to their account using identification, EUID. You can use it for most online accounts myHunt. The UNT portal can be used to look up information about the course of study.

To login:

1. Go to by using a web browser.

2. Scroll to the top of the page and click on “MYUNT”.

3. Enter EUID, your username.

4. Enter your password and click on the “Sign In” button below.

Canvas App

Once you download the Canvas Student app from the Play store, you can use the app to log in to your Canvas UNT account.

To find your school you can enter the name into the app’s search bar and get your account. If the Canvas student app cannot find your school, you can use your school Canvas URL in the app.

Where you don’t know your school Canvas URL, you can log in using a QR code, which does not need your Canvas URL. Here is how login into your account.

1. To login as a UNT student, open your Android phone.

2. Tap the Canvas Student icon.

3. Click the Find “My School” tab.

4. Enter the name of your school name.

5. After the name appears in the search result, tap the name.

6. Tap the “Login” button and enter login details: your email and password

7. Tap the “Log in” tab.

UNT Canvas Password Reset

You also can change your password, email options, and security question. To view this detail go to, then sign in using your EUID and password. If your account is new or inactive, you need to first activate your account.

If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it by clicking on the “Forgot your EUID or password?” link that is located under the “Login” button. MyUNT portal will require you to provide your detail like name, date of birth, email address, and Social Security number in order to proceed.

UNT Canvas Helpdesk/Support

  • The Contact Information is:
  • Call: 940-565-2324.
  • Email:
  • Walk-in: Sage Hall, Room 330.

UNT Law Canvas

The UNT Law Canvas is the Learning Management system for law students, Just like other departments at UNT use the earning Management System, the law students also have their dashboard where they can access law course-related materials.

This doesn’t mean that if you are taking a class with the College of Arts and Sciences, you that you’ll need to still access Collab.

That is on Canvas UNT Student access guide.

I hope this blog post helped you?

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