Macquarie University Research Scholarship 2024-25 offers fully funded scholarships for Masters of Research and PhD degrees, which can be an excellent support for students pursuing advanced studies. Additionally, the option to study in Australia without IELTS through fully funded Australian scholarships could make the process more accessible for students who may not have English proficiency test scores. For those interested, it’s important to check the specific eligibility criteria and application deadlines set by Macquarie University for these scholarships.


Macquarie University Scholarship 2024-2025 in Australia

The Macquarie University Research Scholarship in Australia sounds like an excellent opportunity for candidates to engage in impactful international research projects and contribute positively to their home countries. Working on diverse research projects in international labs with esteemed mentors can provide students with invaluable experiences and skills.

Macquarie University’s research areas are evidently well-regarded internationally, both in terms of research ranking and the quality of supervisory teams. This underscores the potential for candidates to receive top-notch guidance and support throughout their research endeavors.


Furthermore, the opportunity to be considered for both the International Research Training Program scholarship (IRTP), funded by the Australian Government, and the International Macquarie Research Excellence Scholarship program (IMQRES), funded by Macquarie University, offers candidates additional avenues for financial support and recognition.

For those interested, it’s advisable to thoroughly review the requirements and deadlines for the scholarship programs and to consider other opportunities like the Pioneer Fellowship Program in Switzerland.

Financial Benefits from the Macquarie University Scholarship

It’s indeed a comprehensive and generous scholarship package for international students pursuing research degrees in Australia.

Here’s a breakdown of the coverage for both the International Research Training Program scholarship (IRTP) and the International Macquarie Research Excellence Scholarship program (IMQRES):

IRTP Scholars:

  • Tuition fee waiver for 3 years.
  • Stipend of $35,000 per annum (as of 2024).
  • Travel concession.

Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship (IMQRES) scholars:

  • Tuition fee waiver for 3 years.
  • Stipend of $35,000 per annum (as of 2024).

These benefits provide significant financial support to scholars, covering their tuition fees and providing a stipend to support their living expenses during their research studies. Additionally, the inclusion of travel concessions for IRTP scholars could further facilitate their research activities, enabling them to attend conferences, workshops, or collaborate with researchers globally.

Overall, these scholarships aim to attract top international talent to undertake research at Macquarie University, fostering academic excellence and promoting cross-cultural exchange in the research community.


Criteria Eligibility for the Scholarship at the Macquarie University

Let’s talk about the eligibility criteria for the Macquarie University Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship in Australia. Here’s a summary of the key requirements applicants must meet:

International Students: All international students from around the world are encouraged to apply, with the exception of those from Australia and New Zealand.

Educational Background:

Candidates must have completed a research Master’s degree by the time of application or will complete it in 2025.

Candidates must be undertaking a Doctorate or Masters of Philosophy program.
Enrollment Status: Applicants must be available for a full-time program at Macquarie University.

Research Training: Candidates may begin their research training supported by the Macquarie University Scholarship while on approved leave for overseas research.

Research Experience:

  1. Applicants are expected to have a background in research.
  2. They may be asked to submit published research work as part of their application.
  3. Previous experience such as conference presentations is considered valuable, indicating active engagement with the research community.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Scholarships are awarded based on the Macquarie University HDR Scholarship Rating Criteria and MQ Research Training Program Scholarship Policy.
  2. The specific details of these criteria and policies will guide the selection process, ensuring fairness and consistency in the evaluation of applicants’ qualifications and potential.

POV: Meeting these criteria is crucial for applicants to be considered for the Macquarie University RTP Scholarship. It’s advisable for potential candidates to thoroughly review the specific requirements and ensure that they meet all eligibility criteria before submitting their application.

Lists of Subjects available at the Macquarie University

Here’s a summary of the study fields available:

  1. Arts and Social Sciences
  2. Business
  3. Education
  4. Engineering
  5. Information Technologies
  6. Law
  7. Language and Linguistics
  8. Media Communications and Creative Arts
  9. Medicine and Health
  10. Psychology and Cognitive Science
  11. Science
  12. Security Intelligence and Criminology

Application Deadline for Macquarie University

Here is the summary of the deadline for the International HDR Scholarship in Australia, which is set for 1st March 2024. This scholarship presents an excellent opportunity for international students to pursue higher research degrees at Macquarie University. It’s crucial for interested candidates to take note of this deadline and ensure they complete and submit their applications on time.

How can you Apply for the Macquarie University Scholarship?

Potential applicants should head to the official website to carefully select their field of interest in research before submitting their application. This step can provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to individual research interests, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared to apply for the scholarship.


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