Moodle LMS is the Bangalore Institute of Technology’s Learning Management System. It offers the features and opportunities that let faculty to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences.

Moodle Login for Students

Bitsathy students can have access to Moodle to perform a wide range of tasks such as submitting assignments and collaborating with their teachers in the learning environments to enhance their students learning experience.


If you are a Bitsathy student and you are using Moodle, this post will help you understand how to use and utilize the advantages of student Moodle LMS.

You can access your Moodle dashboard and get links to learning materials. Once you are logged in, you can communicate and collaborate with other students course forums tab. This is where all the Bitsathy students with active accounts discuss topics, share ideas and even feedback on each other’s work.


To access login and access various links to your course materials


1. Go to the Moodle login site of your school.

2. If you do not have your school URL, visit your school home page and select Moodle.


3. Click on the “Login” tab.

3. Enter your login ID Bitsathy.

4. Enter your Password and click Sign in or click Enter. The dashboard displays, containing a list of links to all your Moodle courses.

Once you sign in to the Moodle site, your personal dashboard on Bitsathy will open and give you access to the following links, skills, badges, calendar, and the others related to your learning.

Depending on the arrangement of your Moodle LMS, the site home presents a lot of learning data.

To log out of Moodle, click on your name at the top right of the page, and click Logout.

Bitsathy Student Moodle App

You can also use the login to your Moodle dashboard by using the Moodle app. The app allows Bitsathy students to access their courses and groups using a mobile device. You can submit assignments, participate in discussions, and view grades and course materials by using your phones.

Bitsathy Moodle Student app is available for both Android and iOS devices. If you are using an Android device on the Google Play Store and you are an iOS user download the Moodle app from App Store. Here is how to get the app installed on your phone:

1. On your device, open Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Search or browse for Moodle app on the search bar.

4. Select “Moodle Student” when the result appears

5. Select Install and wait for a few minutes for it to finish downloading.

How to Check Bitsathy Moodle Courses

You can check your course details after you have been enrolled on the Moodle site. This helps you to know if there is an assignment attached to the course including other information such as the name of the course teacher.

To check your course details:

1. Sign in to your Moodle account.

2. Navigate to and open “My courses” and select “Participants”.

3. Click the Student name.

4. Select “Activity reports”  and then click on “All logs”.

5. From there you can check the Outline report, complete report, grade, etc.

How to Submit Assignment in Bitsathy Moodle

Bitsathy Moodle student allows you to prepare and submit your assignment online. To locate your assignments you can search for the course or use the Activities block on the right side of the course and click on Assignments to see a list of all assignments in the course.

After the assignment page opens, you’ll see the complete details such as the question, unit of assignment, the name, due date, submission status, and, if it has been graded, the assignment grade. To see the assignment description, click on the assignment name.

To submit your assignment:

1. Go to the assignment activity and click the Add submission button.

2. You will either make a File submission, such as a word document or type text into the Online text submission area.

3. If it’s an online test submission enter the test into the online text submission box.

4. Click the Save changes button.

How to Take Moodle Note

After you are logged in to Bitsathy e-learning portal and you’re still on the page you’ll be able to see the menu lists, such as a resource, forum post, or quiz, you can note down anything that comes up in your mind. Go ahead and click on the note-taking button. Wait for the overlay to finish loading. Drag and drop content from the course page or simply enter your notes. Login – Bit Portal

You can login Bitsathy portal with your Bitsathy email and password at  To login to your  account:

1. Go to

2. Below Bitsathy Login link, click on Students.

3.. Click on “Students Login Here”.

4. On the login section, enter your Bitsathy email address.

From there you can use the portal dashboard of your account.


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