The Percy Martinez Cultural Diversity Scholarship sounds like a wonderful opportunity for international students studying in the United States who are passionate about promoting cultural understanding and unity.

Percy Martinez Cultural Diversity Scholarship in USA 2023/24

Here’s a breakdown of the scholarship:


Eligibility: Open to international students studying at various prestigious universities in the United States, including Harvard University, Berkeley University of California, Northwestern University, and others.

Purpose: The scholarship, named after Percy Martinez, aims to support individuals dedicated to fostering unity, promoting cultural understanding, and celebrating the diverse traditions that enrich our global community.


Focus on Cultural Awareness: Percy Martinez, drawing from his extensive experience in various fields, recognizes the significance of cultural awareness in today’s interconnected world. The scholarship reflects this by encouraging students to actively engage with and appreciate different cultures.



  • Scholarship Sponsor(s): Percy Martinez
  • Host Institution(s): Universities in the USA
  • Scholarship Worth: $5,000
  • Number of Awards: Several
  • Study Level: Undergraduate Students
  • Nationality: Domestic & International Students

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Percy Martinez Cultural Diversity Scholarship | Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the Percy Martinez Cultural Diversity Scholarship. Here’s a breakdown of the requirements:


Educational Status: The scholarship is open to students at various educational levels, including high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. This inclusive approach ensures that individuals from diverse academic backgrounds have the opportunity to apply.

Engagement with Cultural Activities: Applicants are expected to demonstrate their involvement in cultural activities, which can take various forms:

  • Participation in cultural exchange programs or volunteering opportunities that promote cross-cultural understanding.
  • Clear demonstration of interest in fostering cultural understanding, whether through academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, or personal initiatives.
  • Involvement in organizing or participating in events that celebrate diversity, such as cultural festivals, workshops, or community initiatives.

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Application Deadline: December 31, 2023

Application Procedures

To apply for the Percy Martinez Cultural Diversity Scholarship, follow these steps:

Express Yourself: Choose your preferred method of expression, either a video (3-4 minutes) or a short essay (400-600 words), to answer the following question: How would you promote cultural understanding and unity in a diverse community? Share a personal experience or a project idea. Use this opportunity to showcase your creativity, passion, and commitment to fostering cultural understanding and unity.

Submit Your Application: Review your application carefully to ensure all information is accurate and all required components are included. Once you’re satisfied with your application, submit it through the online portal before the specified deadline.

Visit the Official Website for Further Details


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