Scholarships can make a significant difference in enabling students to pursue their academic goals, especially for international students studying abroad.

The University of Alberta seems to be actively supporting diversity and excellence in its student body by offering both admission-based and application-based scholarships.


University of Alberta Canada International Scholarships 2024

Scholarships not only alleviate the financial burden of studying abroad but also recognize and reward academic excellence, talent, and diversity among students. Universities like the University of Alberta play a crucial role in fostering an inclusive environment by providing various scholarship opportunities to attract and support exceptional international students.

These initiatives not only benefit the students themselves but also enrich the academic community as a whole, bringing together diverse perspectives and experiences.



  • Scholarship Sponsor(s): University of Alberta, Canada
  • Host Institution(s): University of Alberta, Canada
  • Scholarship Worth: Full tuition Award
  • Number of Awards: Several
  • Study Level: Undergraduates
  • Nationality: International Students

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These scholarships offered by the University of Alberta for international students in 2024 are quite impressive! Here’s a brief overview of each:

  1. President’s International Distinction Scholarship: This is a prestigious scholarship awarded to students with outstanding academic performance and demonstrated leadership qualities. It provides significant financial support over four years, making it one of the most substantial scholarships available.
  2. May Quon Undergraduate Scholarship: Specifically aimed at Chinese or Hong Kong citizens, this scholarship recognizes academic excellence and financial need. Like the President’s International Distinction Scholarship, it offers substantial financial support over four years.
  3. International Leader Scholarship: Designed for students who exhibit leadership qualities alongside strong academic performance. While the amount is lower compared to the previous two scholarships, it still provides significant support to deserving candidates.
  4. International Admission Scholarship: Awarded based on academic merit upon admission, providing a commendable financial boost to top-performing students.
  5. Regional Excellence Scholarship: Recognizing the academic achievements of students from specific regions, this scholarship aims to attract talent from diverse geographical backgrounds.
  6. Gold Standard Scholarship: Reserved for the top 5% of students in each faculty, this scholarship rewards academic excellence with a substantial financial incentive.

Eligibility Criteria

It’s crucial for prospective applicants to ensure they meet these requirements before applying. Here’s a summary of the key conditions:

  1. International Students: Only students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents are eligible for these scholarships, emphasizing the university’s commitment to attracting talent from around the globe.
  2. Undergraduate Status: These scholarships are specifically for undergraduate students, indicating the university’s support for students at the beginning of their academic journey.
  3. Full-Time Enrollment: Applicants must be prepared to enroll in a full-time degree program at the University of Alberta, highlighting the importance of dedication to their studies.
  4. Academic Excellence: While not explicitly required for all scholarships, having a strong academic record can be advantageous, especially for admission-based scholarships. This underscores the university’s focus on rewarding and supporting outstanding academic achievement.

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Application Tips:

These application tips are invaluable for prospective applicants looking to maximize their chances of success when applying for the University of Alberta International Scholarships 2024. Here’s a breakdown of each tip:

  1. Work Outside the Application Portal: Working on your application in a separate document allows you to utilize spelling and grammar correction tools and reduces the risk of encountering technical issues within the application portal. This ensures that your application is polished and error-free.
  2. Focus on Greatest Achievements: Highlighting your most significant achievements or experiences showcases your strengths and what makes you stand out as a candidate. Whether it’s academic accomplishments, leadership roles, community involvement, or unique experiences, emphasizing these aspects can strengthen your application.
  3. Thoughtful and Well-Developed Responses: Take the time to craft thoughtful and well-developed responses that effectively convey who you are as a person and what drives your passions. Providing insight into your values, goals, and personal growth demonstrates your genuine interest and commitment.
  4. Provide Specific Examples: Backing up your statements with specific examples demonstrates your ability to reflect on your experiences and showcase personal growth. Illustrating how your experiences have shaped you as an individual adds depth to your application.
  5. Highlight What Sets You Apart: Identify what makes you unique and emphasize experiences or achievements that showcase your impact and contributions. This could include demonstrating leadership skills, overcoming challenges, or making a difference in your community or field of interest.
  6. Be Creative and Authentic: Let your personality shine through in your application by being creative and putting things in your own words. A well-crafted and authentic application not only captures the attention of the selection committee but also allows you to stand out from other applicants.

Application Deadline: January 11, 2024

Application Procedures

Submit Your Application: Once you have completed the scholarship application form and attached all required documents, review your application carefully to ensure accuracy and completeness. Submit your application through the designated submission process within the specified deadline.

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