Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for the Australian Government funded Research Training Program at Monash University for domestic and international students undertaking Research Doctorate and Research Masters degrees.

Research Training Program at Monash University 2024 [Fully Funded]

The Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship at Monash University offers fully funded opportunities to support both domestic and international students pursuing research degrees at the university.


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Research Training Program Scholarship at Monash | Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the RTP Scholarship at Monash University are essential to ensure that applicants meet the necessary qualifications to be considered for this prestigious scholarship opportunity. Here’s a breakdown of the key eligibility criteria:

  1. Citizenship or Residency Status: Applicants must meet specific citizenship or residency requirements to be eligible for the RTP Scholarship. Competitive Scholarship Selection Process: Applicants must undergo Monash University’s competitive scholarship selection process and meet the university’s requirements for scholarship consideration.
  2. English Language Proficiency: Applicants must meet Monash University’s English language proficiency requirements.
  3. Academic and Research Abilities: Applicants must demonstrate excellent academic and research abilities to be considered for the RTP Scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Research Fees Offset
  • A Living allowance
  • A relocation allowance

Application Procedures

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the RTP Scholarship at Monash University for the 2024 intake:

  1. Course Application: Start by applying for your desired course of study at Monash University. This involves selecting the program you wish to pursue and completing the application process through the university’s official website or applicant portal. Ensure that you meet all the admission requirements and provide accurate and complete information in your application.
  2. RTP Scholarship Application: Simultaneously, complete an application for the RTP Scholarship at Monash University via the Applicant Portal. You can access the Applicant Portal through the university’s website or the designated online platform for scholarship applications. Follow the instructions provided and complete all sections of the scholarship application form.
  3. Application Deadline: Be mindful of the application deadline for both your course of study and the RTP Scholarship. Ensure that you submit your applications on or before the specified deadlines to be considered for admission and scholarship opportunities.
  4. Documentation: Prepare any required documentation or supporting materials for your scholarship application, such as academic transcripts, research proposals, letters of recommendation, and proof of English language proficiency. Ensure that all documents are submitted accurately and according to the university’s guidelines.
  5. Submit Application: Once you have completed the necessary steps and gathered all required documents, submit your course application and RTP Scholarship application through the Applicant Portal. Double-check all information provided to avoid errors or omissions that could affect your eligibility.
  6. Automatic Consideration: Note that you do not need to specify which scholarship you are applying for, as applicants are automatically considered for all graduate research scholarships, including the RTP Scholarship, where applicable. By completing the RTP Scholarship application, you will be considered for all relevant scholarship opportunities

Application Deadline: 4 April 2024

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