The KAC Global T0bacc0 H@rm Reduction Scholarship Program aims to support individuals who are dedicated to advancing research, advocacy, and innovation in the field of t0bacc0 harm reduction. This scholarship provides opportunities for students and professionals to pursue their academic and professional goals related to reducing the harm caused by tobacco use worldwide.

The KAC Global T0bacc0 H@rm Reduction Scholarship Program 2024/25

  1. Scholarship Funding: The program actually do offer financial support to all individuals who have been selected to pursue their studies or projects related to t0bacc0 h@rm reduction. This funding could cover tuition fees, research expenses, conference attendance, or other relevant costs.
  2. Research Focus: Applicants are probably encouraged to focus their studies or projects on topics such as alternative nicotine delivery systems (e.g., e-cigarettes), harm reduction strategies, public health policies, or tobacco cessation interventions.
  3. Advocacy and Innovation: The program likely seeks applicants who are passionate about advocating for evidence-based approaches to reducing the harm caused by tobacco use. It may also support innovative ideas and initiatives aimed at addressing this global public health challenge.
  4. Global Reach: The scholarship program likely welcomes applications from individuals around the world, reflecting the global nature of the tobacco epidemic and the need for diverse perspectives and solutions.
  5. Collaboration Opportunities: Recipients of the scholarship may have the opportunity to collaborate with leading experts, organizations, or institutions in the field of t0bacc0 h@rm reduction, enhancing their professional networks and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

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The KAC Global T0bacc0 H@rm Reduction Scholarship |DETAILS

Here are some indicative examples of project proposals that the KAC Global T0bacc0 H@rm Reduction Scholarship Program might be interested in receiving:

  1. Evaluation of Harm Reduction Interventions: A proposal to conduct a comprehensive review or empirical study evaluating the effectiveness of various harm reduction interventions, such as nicotine replacement therapies, e-cigarettes, or smokeless tobacco products, in reducing tobacco-related harm and promoting smoking cessation.
  2. Impact of Policy Measures: A project that examines the impact of different tobacco control policies on smoking behaviors and public health outcomes. This could include analyzing the effects of taxation, advertising restrictions, smoke-free laws, and access to cessation services on tobacco use prevalence and related health disparities.
  3. Community-Based Initiatives: A proposal to develop and implement community-based t0bacc0 h@rm reduction initiatives aimed at supporting smokers who are interested in quitting or switching to less harmful alternatives. This could involve partnering with local organizations, healthcare providers, or government agencies to deliver education, counseling, and access to cessation resources.
  4. Youth Prevention and Education: An initiative focused on preventing tobacco use initiation among youth through targeted education, awareness campaigns, and policy advocacy. This could include developing evidence-based school programs, social media campaigns, or peer-to-peer interventions to counteract tobacco industry marketing tactics and promote healthy lifestyles.
  5. Innovative Technologies and Solutions: A project to explore innovative technologies or approaches for delivering t0bacc0 h@rm reduction interventions, such as mobile health applications, telemedicine platforms, or artificial intelligence-driven decision support tools. This could involve designing and evaluating novel interventions that leverage digital health tools to enhance accessibility, engagement, and effectiveness.
  6. Addressing Disparities: A proposal to investigate and address disparities in tobacco use and tobacco-related health outcomes among vulnerable populations, such as low-income communities, racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and individuals with mental illness or substance use disorders. This could include research on tailored interventions, policy recommendations, and community partnerships to reduce disparities and promote health equity.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for this scholarship, applicants are to meet the following requirements:

  • All interested students are expected to enter into the field of research into THR and/or public health
  • Harm reduction professionals
  • Postgraduate students
  • Researchers and scientists
  • Medical professionals
  • Consumers
  • Writers
  • Internet and social media professionals
  • Film makers and other audio-visual professionals.

Scholarship Benefits 

All Successful students interested for The KAC Global T0bacc0 H@rm Reduction Scholarship Program will receive the following scholarship benefits:

  • Assistance in honing your proposal post-submission
  • A stipend of $12,000 to undertake the project
  • Travel to and from Warsaw to attend the Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN) (read programme highlights)
  • An online course in the theory and practice of THR
  • Accommodation for the whole period of GFN, including additional days for scholars
  • Per diems for the duration of GFN
  • Enrolment onto the Mentoring scheme, with a named expert mentor (read programme highlights)
  • On-going support from the Scholarship Programme Manager
  • Assistance with problem solving – both practical and academic
  • the opportunity to return to Warsaw in 2025 to share your findings, either as a poster display, as a speaker, or as an enhanced scholar.

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Application Procedures

How-to-Apply: Interested applicants seeking for The KAC Global T0bacc0 H@rm Reduction Scholarship Program should follow these steps:


Once you are logged in:

Application Deadline: November 30, 2023

Visit the Official Website for Further Details


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